Bait Ripper

Clip it and Rip it!

Livewire Bait Ripper is a device to help catch more fish by ripping streamer flies and other baits while trolling. Bait Ripper can be used to rip flies and other baits in many different types of fishing configurations and can be used to vertical jig in open water or when ice fishing. The acceleration of the bait is known to entice fish to strike and gives you a Fishing Advantage.

  • Rip off the back of the boat

  • Rip off the fishing rod

  • Rip off a downrigger arm

  • Rip off a downrigger ball

  • Rip off a planer board

Example videos can be found in the Media Center here.

The Bait Ripper can be controlled with an Infrared remote for changing the speed and the distance traveled.

rip (verb) : to accelerate and impart motion to a streamer fly or other bait [rip; ripper; ripping]

synonym : catch more fish


  • motorized solution for ripping streamer flies and other baits while trolling

  • programmable speed and distance

  • multiple operating configurations

  • flexible mounting solution

  • self-contained battery with power package option

  • rugged and weatherproof design

  • firmware can be upgraded and customized at special request


  • impart action to streamer flies and other baits while trolling to entice a fish to strike

  • change speed and distance to suit boat speed and desired action for the bait

  • multiple configurations are possible for ripping baits on longlines, downrigger and planar board

  • stand-alone power package allows for a portable solution and for use on non-motorized watercraft

  • firmware upgrades possible to allow for future technology and capabilities