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Fish On!

In this video a fish strikes the Bait Ripper (at 0:13) during a rip segment and the clip releases.

Rip Off Back

Ripping off the back of the boat is the best way to get started using the Bait Ripper. A triangle is made with the Bait Ripper, the fishing pole tip and the release clip so there is no slack in the fishing line.

Rip Off Back

Another video of ripping straight off the back of the boat. Longer fishing rods help to reduce slack during the rip segment.

Rip Off Downrigger Arm

In this video the Bait Ripper is directed to the downrigger arm and then a carabiner directs the line back from there. A single point direction change gets the fishing line out away from behind the boat.

Rip Off Downrigger Arm

Another view of ripping off the downrigger arm. Single or multi point direction changes reduce the force on the motor and is useful when ripping hundreds of feet of weighted line.

Rip Off Fishing Rod

Ripping off the fishing rod allows you to increase the lateral spread similar to ripping off the downrigger arm. A carabiner is used for a single point direction change.

Rip Off Downrigger Ball

Ripping off the downrigger ball is possible and there are multiple ways to setup this technique. More information can be found in the Technical Support section.

Action Photos

South of Rattlesnake Island

Ripping by the Mount

Ripping off the side of the boat

Bait Ripper mounted to Downrigger

Bait Ripper mounted to case and powered by battery in case

Early morning ripping

Ripping off the downrigger arm

Ripping off the starboard